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Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer is Coming!

I recently got a package from India that contained the most wonderful stones.

Each one reminds me of some aspect of summer, whether it be the color of a sun-ripened raspberry still on the bush or the various hues of blue that fade into each other as the sun sets over the Colorado foothills.

In short, I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!

I was busy this past weekend finishing up some new ring sets that showcase these lovely stones, in various sizes and colors of Topaz along with pink garnet and white topaz, too.

There is not enough time in the day to put these beautiful stones to good use, but here's a taste of what I have done so far....


  1. your work is exquisite! those stones you just want to eat!! : )

    love your new etched pendants!
    are you going to be teaching your technique?!!

  2. Hi Lynn!
    Thanks for your kind words! I won't be teaching any techniques--I'm not a very good teacher! I like to learn by seeking out, experimenting and doing. It does't always make for good teachers! THanks again!