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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Dream Come True!

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."
Michael Korda
It's already been a busy week, but I am fueled by sheer joy!
As I write this, I am knee deep in samples for the next round of submissions for my catalog opportunity. The submissions for Fall 2010 are due next week, and I still have some pieces I need to finish!
Taking a break tonight from my work, I took a peek at said catalog to see if my designs that were selected for their spring book had made their way online yet.
I figured they would be making their debut soon, as the big retailers like to have new designs for Valentine's Day, but wasn't sure when they would appear.
As I looked at the new work, I saw the two pieces that they have selected for their spring collection! The Etched Mandala earrings (at upper left) and the Etched Mandala Necklace (below) are part of their Featured Designer collection in the Golden Bear's Spring Catalog!

I am so thrilled that my work has made it to the mainstream, and am honored to be in the company of some truly amazing designers with national reputations.
It will no doubt keep me moving tonight, and will keep me dreaming and pursuing my goal of making this passion of mine into something that not only sustains my soul, but also sustains my pocketbook.
I was once a person who doubted myself. I was once a person who would allow the shadowy voice of criticism to creep in and decide things for me. I was once my own worst enemy.
But not anymore--and this proves it. I slayed that dragon and have something tangible to show for it.
And I have something even more: a truly authentic self.


  1. Truly an inspiration you are. Both of your last true entries have got me thinking.... maybe a Sharp right turn is in the future for me.... thank you for your words or encouragement and sucuess stories you share.

  2. Congratulations Carrie! I took a peek at the online catalog and it is fantastic. Your things fit right it : ) Keep it up!

  3. Thanks ladies! I am super excited. My hard copy arrived today and the images look much better in there. I hope this is the beginning of something big!