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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rings, anyone?

In my opinion, a girl just can't have too many rings. Of course, if you are in a committed relationship there is the wedding ring--so significant and so dominant on the left hand.

But what about the other fingers? What do they get out of the deal? There's no reason that they shouldn't get in on the game.

So I've been on a tear lately in the ring department. I cannot get enough of the gemstones. Seriously.
Boxes of bling are en route from India, Bali, New York! HEELLLPPPP!
Sunstones. Labradorite. Faceted smoky quartz. Sunny citrine.

Beeauuutiful stones that Mother Earth created from her bare hands, using time, temperature and a little squeezing! How could I not partake in her bounty? Just how could I forsake her?

I have created a new line for this fall of rings that feature beautiful stones set in bezel cups. The difference between a bezel cup and a tube setting (which is what I use for my more expensive stones and sets) is that bezel cups are easier to work with.

I pass on the time savings to my customers by offering them at a very affordable price. I still plan to offer sets this fall with tube settings, but these button rings as I call them are lovely for stacking and accessorizing.

They are so cute: they kind of look like glamorous buttons of color from the side.
Here are a few of my favorites:

OMG. Your fingers are going to be sooo happy....

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