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Monday, October 12, 2009

Post Trunk Show and Ominous Weather.....

"Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third." --Marge Piercy

I had a great weekend with my friends at Hip Zephyr in Seattle--what a great showing!
I sold lots of goodies to Hip Zephyr fans and met some new souls. And the good thing is I have about 200 new pieces still left that will make its way to my Etsy shop and Web site--stay tuned for announcements on the new bling.

To top it all off, I had a great time with one of my best buds, Brooke. She and I go way back, and seeing her is like maple syrup for the soul (comforting and sweet). It could be months since our last chat or visit and we start immediately right back up, pecking like hens with so much to talk about. She is a beautiful spirit inside and out, and when I'm with her I can be my true self.

But now that I'm back, storm clouds are brewing here, figuratively and literally. I look to the next week with some trepidation over what's to come, and yet a stillness and peace that I cannot describe. I see the cold whisping its way over the foothills and licking at my feet; I can feel ominous things stirring, and great things stirring, too.

It is the beginning of a big period of change. I look forward with wide eyes and a wider heart; I look to the world with grace and gratitude.

Like a wild horse, I tell my spirit that it is time to run without hesitation over the grassy hills of yonder; to the places I've never been.

Indeed this year has taken me to a lot of places I've never been; some good and some not so much.
But each is a gift, now isn't it? It's all a gift. All we have to do is look at it for what it is; then peel back the gift wrap and stare in awe......


  1. It's all a gift, sweetie. Just like you are to me! It was wonderful to see you - I love your blog; I'll be back often. xoxo, B.

  2. Ah B, my dearest sweetest B. Thanks for a great weekend and for opening my heart a mile wide!